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Business to Consumer (B2C)

Business-to-consumer (B2C) is the most common form of e-commerce used today. This type of e-commerce involves you, the consumer, buying products or services from an online business. One of the most interesting parts about B2C is that a lot of the online businesses are actually just standard businesses that you can find around your home town. The benefit to putting that store online though, is that people from all around the world who do not have access to this type of store can easily get products or services from the store by purchasing them online. This has become an extremely handy and efficient way for businesses to reach as many clients as possible with little extra cost to them. Picture, for a minute, that you own a really great clothing store in downtown Denver. People in Denver absolutely love your clothing store and go to it often and tell their friends who live in other places about it. People who live in other places come to visit the store and wish that they had the clothes you offer in the places where they live. Unfortunately, you really don’t want to start up a whole new store in another place because you like having one store that you can personally manage. One day you decide to start up a website for your store and put all of the clothes from your store on the website for people to buy. All of those people who live in places too far away can now purchase your clothing without actually having to come to the store itself. This costs you hardly anything extra, but expands your clientele ten-fold. This is what B2C commerce is all about. It’s about expanding the business’ client group a lot without having to build an entirely new business in other places around the world.

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