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Softbase Consulting Services is founded on the principles of providing you with top industry talent, quick time-to-market, and a software product that exceeds your expectations at a price point that will pleasantly surprise you.

Great professional services help you to solve a problem, reach a business goal or gain deep business understanding. Softbase Services does all three -- our architects, designers, developers, and consultants help you to use platforms, technologies, software, and devices to realize deep business value. Our custom and integrated solutions use the latest technologies. We serve you at any point in your IT lifecycle with conceptualization, design, planning, development, deployment and support services.

Softbase Consulting Services tailored to you

Quick and impactful deployment of technologies lessons the time it takes to see value from your investment and when your people use these technologies to their greatest extent, they help grow their skills and your business. Softbase Services consultants work with your business to create, deploy, and implement technologies efficiently and cost-effectively, and we will help you reduce risk in your most complex ventures.

Softbase Services can help you gain:

Never Go Dark™

In the context of software development "going dark" means not knowing at what point you are at in the development work or what your consultant is working on. This means that there is no visibility or transparency in the progress of work to the objective.

In our process, you will understand the entire road map, how far we've traveled, and the status of your project are at all times. Our deliverables will be accompanied by a presentation to you every two weeks.

At this review, you can suggest changes, new features, software modifications, and give us feedback on the deliverables. Also, we will cover the project schedule and planned deliverables. We strive to have total visibility and transparency in all of our work by engaging our customers in a proactive basis.

You will also be able to review our work on a daily basis. We put our daily builds (your new website, web application, client/server application, mobile app) on your client portal via secured server that you can access to look over the work and provide us your feedback. This feedback will be reviewed each day by our consultants and implemented into your product.

You will always know what phase and level of completion your project is in.